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The Annual Investor Summit Day is an event organised by KT&Partners, a financial boutique specialising in Advisory in Investment Banking, Capital Markets and ESG. The event is held annually and aims to bring together issuers and institutional investors, promote the visibility of Small & Mid Caps and support company growth.

KT&Partners aims to support companies on their growth path by connecting them with the capital they need to finance their development projects.

Annual Investor Summit Day

2024 edition

The Annual Investor Summit Day, organised by KT&Partners in cooperation with Virgilio ir, in which we proudly participated, ended with great success. The event, which took place in Milan on 5 June, brought together 14 listed Small&Mid Cap companies, 42 investment houses and 65 accredited investors, generating over 200 individual and group meetings.

“Special thanks to KT&Partners for the opportunity to share and discuss our governance and growth objectives with such a large audience of investors”, said Emanuele Bottelli, who represented Cloudia Research together with Daniele Antonaci and Alice Pastore on this important day.

Annual Investor Summit Day

During the event, listed companies had the opportunity to present their Equity Story, illustrating their achievements and future development strategies. The initiative represented an important opportunity for Small&Mid Caps to increase their visibility and consolidate their relationships with institutional investors.

The triumph of the Annual Investor Summit Day confirms KT&Partners‘ commitment to highlighting successful equity stories and supporting the growth of Italian Small&Mid Caps. The event is part of KT&Partners’ broader journey to strengthen the dialogue between listed companies and institutional investors, promoting the growth of the Italian stock market.