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South Summit is an annual event that brings together start-ups, investors, companies and technology industry leaders. The 2024 edition was held in Madrid from 5 to 7 June and represented an important opportunity to present innovative product ideas and to make oneself known to a wide audience of potential customers and investors.

The event helped create relationships and collaborations between start-ups, companies and investors, and participants were able to attend sessions dedicated to new technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing and blockchain.

Cloudia Research Spain successfully participated in South Summit 24 in Madrid, a key event for the Iberian entrepreneurial ecosystem. The company had the opportunity to expand its network of contacts, meet potential strategic partners and consolidate alliances with STARS and its ecosystem.

Cloudia Research Spagna al South Summit 24

Participation in the South Summit allowed Cloudia Research Spain to present its advanced ERP solutions and enabling technologies such as cloud and AI to an audience of potential customers and partners. The company had the opportunity to meet industry leaders and explore new trends, strengthening its position as a reference point for corporate digitisation in Spain.

We offer a wide range of corporate digitisation services, including:

  • ERP solution implementation

  • Consultancy and training on digitalisation

  • Cloud migration and modern workplace

  • Development of customised applications using AI and machine learning

Cloudia Research Spagna al South Summit 24

Cloudia Research Spain will continue to participate in key events in business ecosystem to expand its network and consolidate its position as a leader in corporate digitisation, strengthening important relationships that can be valuable for business growth and the development of new collaboration opportunities.

These events are an excellent source of information on the latest market trends and new technologies, and allow us to stay up-to-date and competitive.