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The hype was high, but the reality exceeds all expectations. Microsoft Build 2024, the event that started yesterday, confirms Microsoft as the undisputed leader in technological innovation.

Is Skynet on its way?

The Redmond-based company announced that by the end of the year, Copilot will be able to be used as a ‘virtual’ employee to whom one can delegate repetitive tasks such as checking e-mails, performing automated tasks, assisting with onboarding, data entry, and more.

In addition, Copilot will also be released within SharePoint, where it will be able to find specific files and provide answers about content in the environment.

Also coming soon are the Copilot Connectors, currently in preview, which bring together all Microsoft Graph and Power Platform connectors, AI and Dataverse functionality to simplify the creation of virtual assistants.

Microsoft Build 2024

The company also announced Phi-3-vision (available from April), a new multi-modal version of AI that can read text and look at images. It will be a compact model to run on mobile devices, and will conceivably be one of the most widely used technologies.

Microsoft Edge, will be able to translate videos, from any source (YouTube, LinkedIn to name a few), and dub them into other languages in real time. Although there are currently only a few languages available, more will be integrated in the near future.

Fabric is all we will need, and Microsoft is putting a lot of emphasis on this product. So here Real-Time Intelligence is introduced: ‘Real time data needs real time intelligence’. This is incredible news for those of us who deal with data every day.

Also within Fabric, a Copilot will be integrated for every need.

Microsoft Build 2024 began by launching a whirlwind of innovations that redefine the technology landscape. Artificial intelligence is spreading, taking on ever more concrete and accessible forms, ready to revolutionise the way we work and live.

Microsoft once again demonstrates leadership in technological innovation. The innovations presented open up exciting scenarios for the future, where artificial intelligence is deeply integrated into our daily lives, making them more efficient, productive and accessible.

This is just the beginning. The future is here, with us and together with Microsoft.

Scritto da Paolo Asnaghi – Power Platform Specialist di Cloudia Research