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Cloud computing remains central to technology innovation strategies of companies of all sizes.

According to analysts, global spending on cloud services will reach USD 675 billion in 2024, up 20.4 per cent year-on-year.
The rise of generative artificial intelligence, which demands a great deal of computing power to process complex linguistic models behind it, is certainly one of the main reasons for this growth. Large cloud providers, such as AWS and Microsoft Azure, offer the computing power needed for AI, but also raise questions about privacy and environmental sustainability.

European Union, with AI Act, is demanding more transparency and control on precisely these issues. In addition, growing concern about the environmental impact of data centres is driving providers to invest in more energy-efficient solutions and the use of renewable energy.

As Cloudia Research, a listed Italian SME active in digital transformation in the cloud market, we are now positioning as a strategic partner for companies wishing to exploit the benefits of cloud and AI in a responsible and sustainable way.

Today we are able to offer a very wide range of services, including:

  • Cloud migration and digital transformation consulting

  • AI solution development for automation, integration and data analysis

  • ERP system implementation for all sizes of companies, from SMEs to large Enterpises

  • Real-time sign language translation

  • Biodiversity health monitoring and analysis

Training new talent through our Academies in Messina and Valencia also remains a main focus.

Check out the video where our CTO Giuseppe Cotroneo, interviewed by Giacomo Iacomino of Dealflower, gives an overview of cloud and AI in Italy, emphasising the importance of a responsible and sustainable approach to technology. At Cloudia Research, we support and advance this concept: technology is a powerful tool that must be used to make the world a better place.